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Types Of Magic Illusion

Performing magic tricks as a magician has been done for thousands of years and dates back to the days of the early Egyptians. Most magicians and magic circles will shroud their magic secrets in mystery and secrecy. With the advent of the interne however, access to the secrets of magicians has become readily available. There are many different forms of magic but most are based on misdirection. This is where the magician wants you to look somewhere else or psychological misdirection where the magician wants you to think something else.

Magic tricks performed by magicians can be classed into different categories that are based upon certain principals. All modern magic trick effects are just variations on these categories the only thing that changes one effect from another sometimes is simply the presentation. Here is a brief description of some of the categories that magicians base their magic trickson.

Magic Productions
This is where the magician is using various means to achieve producing something from seemingly thin air. I’m sure you have all heard of a rabbit from a top hat or you may have seen a magician produce a coin from behind someone’s ear. When these types of magic tricks are performed by a skilled magician the results can be quite astounding. I’m sure that you might have seen the magician David Copperfield produce a motor car or perhaps an elephant live on stage during one of his televised shows.

A Magical Vanishing
This could be classed as being quite the opposite of making a production. Making an object seemingly completely disappear is quite a difficult task as you might imagine. If you were asked how to make the statue of liberty disappear as magician David Copperfield did, how would you go about achieving this.  As you can see, magicians are required to be master problem solvers as well as being entertainers who perform magic tricks. This applies to making a coin completely disappear from one of your hands while all your friends and family are watching you perform.  

Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie like Star Trek and imagined what it would be like to teleport oneself from one place to another? Magicians do this all the time as part of their show using animals, human beings and also objects such as a finger ring or coin etc. A popular magic trick performed by a wedding magician, corporate magician or trade show magician is to borrow a finger ring, make it vanish and it then reappears fixed onto the magician’s key fob. The ring has somehow teleported from one place to another.

A Magical Levitation
Have you ever dreamed of being able to float up into the air and defy gravity just like one of the space astronauts? Magician David Copperfield performed this magic trick effect live as part of his stage show in front of packed audiences. Throughout the centuries magicians have been making their assistants rise up into the air whilst under a hypnotic trance. They can even defy logic by passing a large ring of some sort completely over the assistant’s body as she hangs motionless in midair. Magicians who perform table top magic up close also perform similar feats such a making a borrowed bank note float in midair.  
Mind Reading Predictions
Being able to predict future events is the envy of anyone wanting to win next week’s lottery. This illusion appears to enable the magician to predict a future event such as the headlines of a newspaper for next month. Magicians who perform with playing cards for their magic tricks will often include a trick where a selected card appears to have been known before the event. The magician might have written the name of a playing card on the back of his business card at the start of the trick. Later this is then revealed to have predicted a card that was freely chosen from a pack of 52 cards by a spectator.

Broken & Restored
With this illusion, the magician will often damage something such as a newspaper and then a moment later the item is seem to have magically restored itself. I’m sure you have seen a magician who might cut a rope in half using a genuine pair of scissors and then, as if by magic, restore the rope back to its uncut state. This principal can be enlarged for performance on the stage where the magician is able to apparently saw through his assistant He then later restores her to her former undamaged self and saves the day.