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The Travelling Coin Trick

How many times have you witnessed a magician perform a magic trick and thought to yourself that the hand is quicker than the eye. Or maybe you have thought to yourself that the magician might be using his sleeves to make a coin completely disappear. I’m going to teach you how to make a coin disappear from one hand and for this magic trick you require two coins.

To make this appear like a miracle for your family and friends that might be watching you place one coin to the centre of your palm and place the other at a position on the other hand closer to your thumb. You know position both hands over an appropriate surface and turn them both palm side down very rapidly.
During this action you propel the coin secretly from the right hand over to the left hand as both hands land palm down onto the table top. This action is secret and will not be seen if you spend just a short amount of time to practice the action until you have it perfected. Your family and friends that are watching will wrongly assume that there is still one coin positioned beneath each hand. However, the real situation is that both coins now reside underneath the left hand.

You can now pose the question: Are the coins heads side up or tails side up? This is just a simple piece of verbal misdirection to keep the minds of the viewers occupied while setting them up for the big surprise to come. After your audience has answered your question with their various guess you completely amaze them by revealing that both coins have travelled to beneath your left hand! What a great coin trick!   

To make this fantastic magic trick more deceptive when turning your hands over at the beginning of the effect don not perform the secret transfer of the coin. Use a few practice runs to demonstrate to the audience what is about to happen while explaining that they are going to guess if the coins are going to land heads or tails side up. By setting them up like this they will become familiar with the action and so will not expect or see the secret action later on.

The real secret to performing this magic trick like a professional magician is practice in front of a mirror until you gain the necessary speed and smooth control to make it look as if you are simple turning both hands over at speed. Your excuse for using a very fast action to turn both the coins over is that you are going to have the m guess at the orientation of the coins. You explain that you are perfuming the turn over very fast so that they cannot see exactly how the coins land.

Of course the real reason for the speed is so that the secret passage of one coin to the other hand is not seen by anyone who might be watching. I was attending a special event where there was a magician performing his magic tricks once when I was very young and I remember him performing this very same effect to the amazement of all the guests. If you practice this for just a small amount of time then you can do the same.