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Performing As A Magician on Stage

When performing as a stage magician, a good portion of your routines will require the assistance of a helper from the audience. Your choice of helper may be gender specific according to the nature of the magic routine that you are performing. Choosing the right spectator to come to the stage and help you perform as a magician is crucial to the success of the magic act.

If a routine is heavily based on comedy magic, then you will want a lively spectator who is really going to join in with the fun. If you choose the correct spectator for the routine they will often make the magic play better by introducing some of their own antics to the magic situation. The flip side to this is choosing a spectator to help you on stage as a magician who is very quiet and reserved. This type of spectator will not want to join in with the fun and can make the magic routine suffer.

Try to scan the audience as soon as you walk onto the stage to begin your magic act as a magician. Choosing the correct spectator will come with experience as a performing magician over time. When you first begin performing on stage will naturally be nervous and will spend most of your effort concentrating on your routines. However, with experience you will learn to be totally relaxed and be able to concentrate on the presentation while scanning the audience for suitable volunteers.

If you make a mistake by choosing the wrong spectator for a magic routine then try to minimise the contribution that the spectator has to offer. If the spectator is being totally uncooperative your audience will realise this and will forgive and support you by leading the spectator off the stage and replacing him with a more suitable one.

An audience watching a magician doing his magic tricks on stage are generally there to be entertained and for the most part will be supportive of your efforts. The most supportive of spectators generally produce a good round of applause and are smiling at you for your magical efforts. These are the spectators to be on the lookout for when you are performing your magic tricks on stage. When the routine reaches its conclusion watch the spectators and make a note of who in the audience is clapping and smiling enthusiastically.

Delivering a confident performance as a stage magician is quite different to performing as a close-up magician, wedding magician, corporate magician or trade show magician. Each one of these different styles of performing magic requires a certain approach to choosing and managing a spectator to help with the routine. Your experience and skill as a magician over time will provide you with the tools necessary to choose the right spectator for the right magic routine.