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Learn Some Coin Magic!

Not all magic tricks are required to be complex in order for you to impress your friends.
In general, most skills of this type require years of dedicated practice but some can be
acquired in minutes. Some magic skills only require you to know the special secret before
reaching a successful conclusion and amazing your friends. Some of the simplest feats of
magic can be made miraculous by adopting the correct attitude and application of skills.


The Magic Drinking Vessel

Take any type of opaque drinking vessel and place some ice cube into it. Next add some
water into the vessel along with the ice cubes. You now inform your friends that the water
is going to vanish by repeating the magic words – H20. Wave your hand over the vessel and
then gently turn it over to reveal that the liquid has indeed vanished.

The secret to this amazing piece of conjuring skill is easily explained. Inside the vessel
you have secretly placed a tight fitting piece of sponge. When you later pour some liquid
into the vessel it secretly absorbs the liquid. The ice cubes are just some psychological
misdirection and when they fall out later, your friends will be amazed to see the liquid
has vanished.

This is a magical effect that you can master in a very short time. All that is required for
this piece of wizardry is a coin or small object and a table to perform on. Sit at the
table edge with your friends watching from the opposite side. Place the coin onto the table
top approximately a foot from the table edge. Place your hand flat over the coin so that it
is temporarily out of view. Slide the coin off the table edge and secretly let it fall into
your lap.

Pretend to be still holding the coin in your hand as you state that you will make it
disappear. Attract all of your friend’s attention to the hand which is pretending to hold
the coin. You then say the magic words ‘Dynamo Magician’ and slowly open your hand to
reveal that the object has completely disappeared. Your friends will be completely stunned
and give you great credit for being an amazing magician with super talents.


The Object That Defies Gravity

For this amazing piece of magical skill there is some secret preparation to do before you
perform. Pour some boiling water from the kettle into a cup and into this dilute a large
amount of salt. The salt solution is required to be really thick. Next you need to submerge
some string into the mixture overnight. After this has been done, remove the string from
the mixture and place it somewhere to dry overnight.

Once the string is completely dry you are all ready to perform. Cut a length of string
measuring approx 12 inches. Borrow or use your own ring or small object and tie it to one
end of the string. Light the string just above the small object and the string will be on
fire but amazingly, the object will stay in place being supported by the salt crystals.

Your friends will be amazed at this and will have no idea as to how this could happen.
Caution, use flames of any sort can be dangerous and this effect must only be attempted by
an adult or if a responsible adult is present. Keep you magic secrets to yourself and never
reveal them to any of your friends.