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You really must Practice!

With magic and magicians becoming increasingly popular on television, it seems like everybody wants to learn how to do some really cool magic tricks. Most people begin with the real easy self-working type magic tricks but then soon move on to learning some sleight-of-hand magic tricks. But how do you practice these magic tricks so that you will become proficient enough to perform them in public for your friends?

You could practice in front of a mirror or by using a video camera to record your practise session so that you can play it back later on television. By doing this you will be able to view your performance from the same perspective as your spectators. You can then take notes on things such as body positioning and timing of particular moves. You can also keep a close eye on certain angles that should be correct at hiding concealed objects.  

As you gain proficiency, you will be able to slowly expand your repertoire to include magic tricks with coins, playing cards, handkerchiefs and borrowed items etc. Having a variety of material to perform will serve you well should you get booked to work as a magician sometime in the future. The greatest magicians might only perform a dozen different magic tricks but they will perform these tricks to perfection.

The benefits of daily practice cannot be over estimated. It is of vital importance that you perfect each trick thousands of times through constant practice until it becomes second nature. If the thought of practice frightens you then this is wrong. Practice should be something that you look forward to when you are having a busy day at work. It should be something that will help you relax and relieve stress from your body and mind.
A magician also needs to learn some of the basics of acting and drama in order to make the magic tricks more effective in performance. Being able to act surprised and excited can cause your spectators and friends to become more involved in the performance. You should also learn when to introduce silence into your performance of magic tricks as this will also help to create a dramatic atmosphere.  

Of course there will be different practice regimes for different styles of magic performances including table top magic, corporate magic, wedding magic, tradeshow magic and stage illusions. Each of these performing arenas dictates a different approach to your magic trick requirements and will thus require a unique form of practice. If you really want to become a professional and competent magician, you cannot ignore the demands for daily practice sessions.