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Magic Name Spelling Card Trick

For this baffling magic card trick you find the card that a spectator has chosen by actually spelling the letters of the spectator’s name. This is an effect that is used in many variations by professional magicians all over the world.

You can let the spectator or a family member or friend shuffle any pack of playing cards which can even be their own. He then looks at the faces of the playing cards and remembers one and its position from the top of the deck. For this demonstration let us suppose that the spectator’s second name is Jones. You take the deck of playing cards out of site for a moment beneath the table and say that you are arranging the cards for a miracle to happen.

Take the card that is positioned on the bottom of the deck and place it to the top of the deck. You then turn around the 5th card from the bottom of the deck because in our example the name Jones spells with 5 letters. Adjust this value for a different name when performing for someone else. You now bring the cards back into sight and enquire as to what number from the top the spectator’s is positioned. Let us suppose that the answer to your question is eight.

You then proceed to deal from the top of the deck eight cards and show that the spectator’s card is no longer at position eight. Since you placed at card from the bottom of the deck to the top you have displaced the spectator’s card by one position. The spectators card in now secretly positioned on top of the deck. Give the deck a complete cut and then replace the dealt cards on to the top of the pack.

You now place the deck to the table and wave your hands over it in a mysterious fashion like a real magician. You claim that you are going to cause one card to turn over in the deck by magic. You now spread the deck across the table and look very happy because there is now one card in the middle of the deck facing the wrong way. You announce the name of this card in a triumphant fashion.

Your spectators will assume that you think this is the card that they are thinking of and will be quick to correct you that you are wrong. You next break the spread at the face up card and beginning the count with this card you spell out the spectators name using one card for each letter. After you have spelled out the letter ‘S’ in our example, turn over the next card to reveal the card that the spectator is thinking of. Your family and friends will be amazed to see their card and will have no idea how you managed to find it.