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Learn Some Coin Magic!

Conjuring effects do not typically have to be complicated; often times even the most basic of tricks can be very exceptional with the correct presentation and practice. You might desire to use magic as a vehicle for enthusing your friends, friends and family or boyfriend. I'll show you a few not difficult tricks that you can use to realize these aspirations.


For the first magical effect you will have to find a coin of any denomination, a 5x5" piece of paper, some tape and a handkerchief. It's probably a really good idea to cadge the coin and even have it stroked with a nib if you like. Place the paper onto the dinner table with the coin settled at its midst.


You now proceed to overlay the paper down so the top edge falls to the base leaving approx a 1" gap. Next, fold the left edge of the paper around to the back so that it meets the center and do the same thing to the right side of the parcel. Fold up half an inch of the top of the paper down so it appears you created a packet. Let the observers handle the unit to tetify that the coin is still inside.


Bend/fold the top of the paper packet downward so that it seems to completely trap the coin inside the paper parcel that you have created. Let your friends touch the unit to prove that the coin is still inside once again. Secretly let the coin slip out of the unit and into your hand. Use this hand to fetch the neckerchief from your pocket leaving the coin behind. Drape the bandana over the bundle and let one of your watchers hold the unit through the cloth. Say the magic words and then reveal that the coin has escaped from the paper parcel to finish and impress everyone who is watching.


For another trick using a coin and a handkerchief, secretly sew a small coin into the seam of a bandana. The coin is tailored in close to the corner of the neckerchief. You also privately conceal a coin of the same denomination below your wrist watch. You then bum a coin of the same denomination.


Hold the hanky by the corners secretly supporting the coin underneath the fabric in the same hand that holds the borrowed coin. Appear to station the borrowed coin under the scarf but covertly hold the one that is sewed into the edging from the exterior with the other hand. Have the witness hold the coin through the cloth. They don't grasp that they are hugging the coin sewed into the large cloth.


Say the magic words and haul the cloth away with a flourish to betray that the coin has gone away. You can now divulge that the coin has evidently flown by magic and has checked in under you wrist watch! Your comrades will give you great acclaim for being such a clever magician!


Keep in mind that magic is only mystifying and beguiling to your assemblage if you do not announce the secrets. You will not get any esteem for being clever or dazzling if you utter how your magical effects are done. Always keep the mystery to how you carry out you magic tricks to yourself and by no means tell or present them to anyone.