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Corporate Magic

Paul’s skills as a corporate magician have taken him to trade shows, product launches, award ceremonies and receptions all over the world. For over two decades he has been using magic to entertain, educate and sell in a host of different environments for thousands of different companies and organisations.

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Some of the more popular uses of his prodigious talents are: 


Close-up Magic is ideal at launch parties, drinks receptions and other hospitality events. As well as providing world class entertainment, the magic can also be used to promote products and services in a well-informed and magical way. By co-ordinating with the event producers, Paul can ensure that all of the magic he performs is directly tied into the purpose of the event in a way that maximises your company’s memorability.


Stage Magic is perfect for all kinds of award ceremonies, parties and conferences. In conjunction with management, Paul can devise a bespoke, scripted presentation that combines the thrill and laughter of powerful magic with the message that you want to deliver to your audience, whether they be employees or clients. Alternatively, he can simply perform a free-style magic show which is about nothing more than eye-popping entertainment and making sure every single member of the audience has a fabulous evening.


To discuss how Paul can be of benefit to your company in any of these areas, as well as to check on his availability, please call now on without delay.