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There are many types of magic that are performed by magicians who work performing close-up table top magic. One style in particular includes performing magic with borrowed objects such as coins. Coin magic requires special skills that are unique to this style of entertaining. If you want to begin performing coin magic for your friends and family you are going to have to practice some special skills that can be learned from a famous book about coin magic:

Modern Coin Magic – J.B.Bobo

This is the book that all professional magicians learn the sleights required to perform coin magic when performing table top magic. Inside this title you will find descriptions of sleights and tricks that might require years of practice to perfect such as;

This describes the action of concealing a coin inside ones hand so that it is not seen by the spectator’s who are watching you perform. There are a great many different types of palms that you are required to learn and practice in order to perform coin magic. One of the most versatile palms in coin magic is known as the ‘classic palm’. Use the above title to investigate this, the most useful of coin palms.

Learning how to vanish a coin in front of your spectators is quite an impressive feat as you can imagine. This can be attained through pure sleigh-of-hand or can be aided with the use of a handkerchief. Magic dealers sell special fake handkerchiefs that will enable you to vanish a coin using very little skill.

Some magic tricks with coins enable you to change one coin into another at the tip of your fingers. This type of magic coin trick is sometimes referred to as the ‘spellbound’ coin magic trick. This can also be accomplished using many years of practice but again, there are magic dealers who sell specially manufactured coins that enable you to do this quite easily.

Paper Money
Using paper money the magician is able to burn and restore a borrowed bank note. This type of magic money trick is performed by magicians for a large audience on a stage. A magician might also borrow a bank note and have it float in mid air right under the noses of the watching spectator. This amazing feat has to been seen to be believed!  

Coin magic can be performed almost anywhere and at any time and as such is a very versatile form of magic. Be sure to check out the title that I have mentioned as this book is probably all you will ever need to become a competent professional coin magician.