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How To Be A Magician

So you want to learn how to perform magic tricks like a real magician that you might have seen at a party or wedding function or special event. Learning how to become a magician is going to take as much research dedication and practice as a concert pianist. This assumes that you are wanting to become an expert magician who can do magic tricks anywhere at any time to the best of your ability.

So why do you want to become a magician? Is it because you have seen a really cool magician on the television like David Blain? Or, because you have been personally entertained by a magician at a party or function and been totally blown away by the experience. Your primary goal for learning a skill that is going to take years of dedicated practice should be for the love of the art and not for monetary gain.

Your initial research should begin with the goal of establishing exactly what type of magic tricks you want to perform as a magician. There are many different styles of magic including stage illusions, children’s magic and the very popular sleight-of-hand style magic also called close-up magic. Once you have decided exactly what type of magician you want to be you then can begin researching specific books dedicated to that particular style.

Books and props on magic can purchased from many magic dealers most of which will do business through a website which can be found using a Google search. You may want to pay a visit to your local library to find any books on the subject that they might have on the shelf. I would certainly recommend learning from books as this will provide you with a deeper background knowledge of the subject than you will get from a DVD.
Do you know any magicians in your local area that might be able to give some lessons in the basics? Some magicians will actually advertise this as a service at a reasonable cost. Do a Google search to ascertain if there are any magic circle clubs in your area. Most clubs will have a secretary listed as there contact and you will find that they welcome new members. Most clubs will have a grace period where you can become an associate member before joining by completing an audition.

With the correct approach to regular practice and performing for family and friends you will soon be on your way to what is usually a life time hobby that will provide you with years of pleasure. Magic is a vehicle for entertaining that is very unique and enjoyed by people of all ages. You can use magic to make new friends, improve your self confidence and social skills in terms of public speaking and making presentations. Becoming a competent magician will take you years of practice but this will be repaid ten times over with the amount of joy and pleasure it will provide for you.